Benefits of a My Author Page Web Page

  1. Professional Presence: A web page establishes a professional online presence, making it easier for readers, publishers, and media to find and learn about you.
  2. Marketing and Promotion: It serves as a platform to promote books, share news, press releases, etc.
  1. QR Code Integration: Each My Author Page comes with a unique QR code, simplifying marketing efforts and connecting you with readers effortlessly.
  1. Building a Brand: A web page helps in building and reinforcing the author’s brand. It allows authors to showcase their work, personality, and writing style, creating a unique identity.
  2. Showcasing Work: It’s a place to display excerpts, reviews, awards, and other achievements, providing a comprehensive portfolio of the author’s work.
  3. Sales and Distribution: Authors can sell their books directly through their web page or provide links to online retailers, increasing sales opportunities.
  4. Control of Content: Unlike social media platforms, an author’s web page allows complete control over the content and how it is presented, ensuring consistency and professionalism.
  5. Media and Press Kit: A dedicated section for media and press kits makes it easy for journalists and bloggers to access essential information, images, and resources for writing articles or conducting interviews.
  1. Time-Saving: No need to manage a complex website, giving you more time to write and promote your work.
  2. Affordable Solution: Cost-effective and user-friendly, perfect for authors at any career stage.




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